love and music are the same

I'm going to break a promise here and post something that DJ Bus Station John has been rocking recently, not only because I haven't posted any disco recently, but also because this track is so special.

A favorite of early house DJs in Chicago, Ris's "Love-N-Music" is one of the more epic italo-disco tracks ever recorded, perhaps being matched only by Doctor's Cat "Feel the Drive." With an excellent driving italo beat, warm synths, and truly disgusting pans, it is Celeste's vocals that put the icing on this already delicious cake. Her voice speaks, soars, moans, intones and just gets it so right that one wants her voice near at all times. This one, like most, is best played incredibly loud— you'll know what I mean when you listen to it.

Ris feat. Celeste- Love-N-Music

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