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Though she is most known for jokes about making tea for Monsieur Ricardo, Magda is one of techno's premier female DJs, and a great producer to boot. (I can personally attest to her skills on the decks- I saw her spin in '06 at APT in New York, and it was a slamming night). "Whatever It Snakes" is a track that is best played incredibly loud, as the bass-line(s) form its sturdy backbone. With squelches and wormings in the hi frequencies and some excellent pads, it is incredibly versatile, usable in all sorts of sets.

Magda- Whatever It Snakes (Derek Unreleased Edit)

Next up is one of the women that has seemingly slipped out of the techno consciousness in the US, at least for the past little bit- Cassy. The Panoramabar resident has a knack for creating sexy, sultry tracks with an unrivaled elegance and aplomb, and "Somelightuntothenight" is no exception. With her alto intoning, shimmering pianos and crisp rhythm segments, the deep piece is exemplary of how good, subtle techno is done. Though I've missed her sets a few times, her skills as a DJ are legendary, and I urge you to check her out!

Cassy- Somelightuntothenight

Finally, we come to one of my favorite minimal producers, Monika Kruse. The Terminal M frontwoman and perennial favorite in Germany and Ibiza is, unfortunately, not well-known in the US for reasons beyond my comprehension, as her productions are always slammingly minimal and quite melodic much of the time. Mark Broom's remix of "Don't Come Close" is a serious banger, with Kruse's reverbed vocals intoning over a booming kick, a writhing and clever beat-marker, and the ace in the pack- some intensely delayed and gated guitar synth bits that create a whooshing headspace in a track that, upon first listen, might seem claustrophobic. A real gem, I'm sure this one is getting lots of play in the Balearic isles this summer.

Monika Kruse- Don't Come Close (Mark Broom Remix)

Tomorrow, some fun stuff coinciding with this weekend's events.

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