killa cruisin

The Aquanauts are among the more mysterious members of the Underground Resistance family, and though the 'nauts members are known (Milton Baldwin, Lamont Norwood) and work under more well-known names (Baldwin is DJ Skurge, for example), their tracks don't get half as much love as they really should.

"Cruiseship Killa," originally released on 7" and later expanded and re-released on The Titanic EP, is a sick piece of electro-funk, with crisp percussion, a disgustingly catchy bass hook, bright synths, and acidy bits coming in and out like worms through a corpse. High intrigue, this track, and definitely an attention-grabber. Version below is the 7" version-- sorry, it's the one I've got on hand!

The Aquanauts- Cruiseship Killa

Tomorrow, a report on the Wighnomy set, and maybe some new shit from the Safari label.

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