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Though some have argued that MJ died long ago, his output has always been ripe for remixes. Today, some of my favorites...

First up, Minilogue's remix of "Billie Jean," which I posted here way back in June 2007. Then, I called the remix "a crowd-pleasing, banging, unreleased remix of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean." The boys of Minilogue take the original and kick it up about a zillion notches-- the kicks and bass are loud as hell, the verses are cut completely, and all that's left is the classic three-note synth line and cut-up samples of Jacko singing, "Billie Jean is not my lover, she's just a girl who thinks that I am the one." Along with some spacey lazer stabs and echoey washes, what was a great song to dance to becomes a great song to lose yourself in. Another plus is that the beginning seconds of the track fool people into thinking it's the original, but when it really starts pumping, they're almost happier that it isn't something they've heard before."

So without further ado, here goes.

Michael Jackson- Billie Jean (Minilogue Remix)

Next up is the white label edit of the Jackson Five's "Walk Right Now," nicely done by Whiplash & Turner. Last August, I wrote: "The club mix of "Whatcha Doing to Me" is one of the most slamming house tracks I've heard in recent memory, and though it has a bit of a progressive vibe, it is a truly awesome party anthem-- when I spin this, people completely lose their shit. With great loops and samples of Michael Jackson, ferocious kicks, terrific melodic sampling, and two elegantly unsubtle peak moments, "Whatcha Doing to Me" is one of those tracks that worms its way into your bones."

Here is the original from YouTube, followed by the remix.

Whiplash & Turner- Whatcha Doing to Me

In March of 2008, my friend MDH gave me a great edit from the Hollertronix series, and I wrote: "How can one not love a remix of "Smooth Criminal" that is so elegant, so banging, so infectious? On the seventh installment of the series, "Okay Annie" by the Boogie Down Bottlenose Dolphins (a name that I find charming despite its try-hard nature) is the track to cut out to-- it demands action on the dance-floor, as its choices and arrangments of samples can almost be said to rival Jacko's original. High-octane stuff, and at 136-bpm, it can fit easily into a banging techno set."

Boogie Down Bottlenose Dolphins- Okay Annie

Finally, today my friend Logan from Teengirl Fantasy posted this pretty awesome Doo Dew Rock take, Baltimore-style, on "Rock With You." It begins with a loop of what is possibly my favorite MJ moments ever recorded to tape, and just goes from there. Excellent.

Doo Dew Rock- Rock With Me (B'More Club Mix)

RIP, Michael. Please, though, apologize to James Brown for stealing his Camel Walk.


MDH said...

Thanks for the mention Ted-o. RIP MJ. Still feelin sad, especially after those creepy death photos.

Anonymous said...

pls re up the minilogue remix.. rip mj