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Trying to make my way to see Kerri Chandler this evening at Mighty, and as a result, have been revisiting some of my favorite KC and KC-related tracks from his recent output. So, without further ado, here's a little run-down with some tracks for your listening pleasure.

First up is his 2006 soulful collaboration with Monique Bingham, "In the Morning." With his trademark lush synths and crisp hi-hats, Chandler sexes it up in a dialogue with his lover. Bingham provides the female voice in the track, with some nice disembodied sustains. Best part of the track is definitely when KC intones, "I'm so...fucking...into you." Damn, what a sexy piece of house this is!

Kerri Chandler and Monique Bingham- In the Morning (Final Raw Mix)

Next is among his more well-known recent joints, "I Think of You," with its excellent early Nu Groove-influenced bassline, nice organic synths, and some true lovesick vocals. It's really this latter element that makes the track, allowing for a smoothness that recalls Arnold Jarvis, among others. A great track that everyone should be rocking.

Kerri Chandler- I Think of You (I Love More Bass Mix)

 Finally, a Tiger Stripes track featuring Chandler on some seriously soulful vocals, backing up a track with an unavoidably awesome Afrobeat influence that falls somewhere between the two famous members of the Kuti clan. Great organs, some disgustingly tight brass, and polyrhythms abound in "Rain Song." Along with a clear, jazz fusion guitar line, this is one of those tracks that people may hate on, but mostly because they're jealous that they didn't write it. TIP!

Tiger Stripes featuring Kerri Chandler- Rain Song (Main Mix)

Tomorrow, think I'm going to do a quick return to a Marc Kinchen remix, because it is just too sick to not write about.

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