video drop

Today, a compendium of YouTube videos that I've been re-playing again and again, with little anecdotes.

First up, the ladies of Mai Tai, performing their 1985 hit, "History." Excellent old-school video!

My friend Nick from Teengirl Fantasy is pondering a rework of the track in a style similar to Quiet Village Project-- just imagine the extended version below slowed. It is a pure balearic treat, let me tell you, and one that I was treated to pretty constantly during my week in Ohio.

Next up, a 1986 live performance by Farley "Jackmaster" Funk and vocalist Darryl Pandy on 'Top of the Pops.' Would that music like this were still on Top 20 charts!

Man, can Pandy sing!

Now, a jump to a 2005 performance by Paul Randolph, wrongly labelled as a Moodymann performance by the poster. This track is called "Break By Stone," and really, who the hell can argue with a man who is playing bass behind his head, singing, and dancing all at the same time? This video makes you want to go out and do something amazing.

Finally, a jump back to a 1969 performance by Nina Simone, whom I've been really digging to no end in the past couple of months. A pretty famous performance, but worth posting nonetheless.

Tomorrow, some digitized deepness for you. Have a good Sunday!

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