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WE'RE BACK! Hope you like the tweaked design and the upcoming inclusion of some new contributors. Yeah, that's right-- from now on, we'll be having posts ranging from obscure YouTube finds, dancehall madness, experimental electronic music, archival house and techno finds, and even some visual mixes, all courtesy of trusted heads (and myself, of course). So let's get down to it!

Today, I'm bringing it home with a bit from a March release that has garnished lots of praise and should be much more known: Black Jazz Consortium's "New Horizon," the second track from the Fred P. alias' new CD, Structure. The track's kicks are ungodly deep and high in the mix, the panning maracas are thick enough to feel, and the lush synth-piano harmonies bring to mind some UR-style deepness. With the addition of acidy lines here and there, it's no wonder that Fred P. is emerging as one of the best real house producers of our times. One of my favorite tracks of the year thus far from one of my favorite releases of the year thus far, "New Horizon" is a legit treat from Fred's own label, Soul People Music. You can also check out his fantastic radio show every Friday at 1 PM EST on House Motion FM online radio.

Black Jazz Consortium- New Horizon

Look forward to some older treats and newer beats coming soon, plus a look at Ashra and its cornerstone member, Manuel Göttsching!


MDH said...

Glad ur back in my life. Amazing track. Contributions to come...


P.S. Missed you last night at Lucky D.

Mathew said...

Welcome back. Just did a migration myself... www.headfullofair.com