drift therapy

My brother in house, Leo, sent me a wonderful track from Fred P.'s latest split release with Connecticut's DJ Jus-Ed. "Theropy" is a 126-bpm deep bit, with hypnotic congas, a nice muffled kick, and synths reminiscent of Carl Craig's early work. Delayed vocal samples and crisp hand-claps make the track real winner, something nice and groovin' perfect for starting off a deep set. Check it, spread it!

Fred P.- Theropy

Next up, a track from Glimpse's upcoming record on Planet-E. Carl Craig's remix of "Drifting" is a 125-bpm, more restrained take on the original. The melodic loop is kept back until the point of breaking, then the piece explodes as excellently-panned pseudo-squelch and hi-frequency washes abound. The main loop itself is given more reverb, some hallucinatory alterations and excellent snips which will sound great on a big club system. The drum programming is also consistently more interesting and subtle than the original-- not surprising given Mr. Craig's penchant for such! Excellent stuff, hop on this.

Glimpse- Drifting (Carl Craig Remix)

Tomorrow, some stuff about books and some disco for your ears. I am in Chicago from the 11th until the 15th, so expect some wildness in the next week, especially because I am finally witnessing a live Moodymann set on Valentine's Day!!


esoteric. said...

Diggin' on that Fred P track, is this to be released on Underground Quality?

pipecock said...

really not into that Planet E, and that Fred P is the one record by him i don't own but i might still get it. all his other joints are the hotness for sure!

lfam said...

The Fred P was released last year on Underground Quality. Get it here: http://undergroundquality.com/store.htm

trees said...

i think i posted the planet-e because CC's remix is such an improvement on the original, which is so unsubtle as to be offensive, in some way... but yeah, the Fred P. is the biz!!