don't touch that handset

Today, a new piece from Connecticut's DJ Jus Ed, whose recent Resident Advisor podcast has definitely brought him into the current spotlight on deeper sounds from both the US and Europe. Though I had always been a bit non-plussed by Jus Ed's earlier works, his newer stuff is definitely much more striking, and today's track is no exception: "Don't Answer the Phone" utilizes a minimal sonic palette to create some fancy grooves that are definitely in-line with second-wave Chicago sounds: hollow-yet-lithe kicks, sweaty hand-claps, crisp hi-hats and marimba synth melodic bits punctuate the track. Perhaps most notable, though, is the smooth-as-silk bass-line that rides throughout, with acidy squawks and blips working a lovely syncopation. From his most recent piece with Levon Vincent.

DJ Jus Ed- Don't Answer the Phone

Coming soon, something new from a house diva of yore.

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