Of our beat-driven tracks today, the first is a downtempo minimal number from Hreno & The Mole. "Living" utilizes deep kicks and obscured secondary percussion much in the Chain Reaction style, and a simple three-chord minor progression drives the 120-bpm track. One-third of the way into the track, a subtle shift occurs as a voice intones 'living' every eight measures: the number of percussive elements is raised, though still obscured by filters and EQ mastery. A very nice track indeed, especially for a wet day in the city.

Hreno & The Mole- Living

Thomas Cox of Infinite State Machine recently did an interview with Rick Wade on Resident Advisor, and it got me thinking about which Wade tracks have always stuck out to me. It came down to tracks from 1999's Deep Threats 12", and in the end, I chose to give you "Still Angry," perhaps one of the more hypnotic deep house tracks of the late 1990s. With crisp hi-hats, deep kicks, a blazing four-note melodic loop, and a bass-line that drops in and out like wild, the 125-bpm track is a real breath of fresh air, especially given how many producers have been aping this style recently to much lesser effect! Highly recommended!

Rick Wade- Still Angry

Tomorrow, thinking something a bit noisy.

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stu (scotland) said...

i've never heard deep house done quite like that before! cheers