Today, a track from the young-yet-legendary Nick Curly's upcoming EP on Murmur. "Kalimba" is a 125-bpm tech-house number with the kalimba, the modernised version of the African mbira, at its center-- multiple tracks of kalimba loops swirl about each other in wonderful syncopation. Way-lo kicks, a slightly-delayed bass-line, and some chunky hand-claps round out the track. Though some might toss this into the 'Ethno-house appropriation' category (which unfortunately occurred to Henrik Schwartz's collab with Amampondo earlier this year), I am a great fan of African percussive music, and find that when this sound is done well, it can be incredibly versatile, as this track is. Great stuff!

Nick Curly- Kalimba
Removed by request

Tomorrow, thinking something a bit soulful. In the meantime, check out the newly-redesigned eeshirtay page-- Harry is doing great work!


cz said...

why don't you guys include the artist's name in the filename of the mp3? it's irritating to have to go back to the post to rename the file if one forgets to do it before downloading.

hgassel said...

thanks for the shout -- big fan of that optical illusion too!

trees said...

in response to cz, people organize their mp3s in different ways. additionally, unless you're using a PC or non-itunes player (which is completely idiotic, imho), about 99% of the tracks have proper ID3 tags, so they should automatically give the artist's name/etc when you drag or add it to your itunes library.

but if i receive more requests for artist names in the files, i will put them in whenever i upload.

Mathew said...

had this one on loop yesterday... for 45 minutes. its so good I forgot to change the track