cold lights

Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to finish up that mix for you, but instead, I'm going to give you an awesome Euro take on Chicago house.

Earlier this year, Poppcke and Niggemann released their first collaboration together, called "L'aurora," but what's more interesting is the Chicago-style remix courtesy of Agnes, who remains one of my favorite European producers around. His take utilizes lush backing synth swells, hi-frequency string soars, and a dubbed out main melodic loop that is occasionally punctuated by some excellently crisp laser stabs. A cut-up vocal sample adds to the ambiance, and at 123 bpm, the track is perfect for warming up during a deeper house set. Great stuff! On Moonpool a label that seems to have great potential.

Poppcke & Niggemann- L'Aurora

Tomorrow, let's hope for that mix! I'm quite busy, but should be working on it tonight!

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