autumn in the prefectures

I lied yesterday when I promised some new tech-house jams for your ears, mostly because I forgot that B.O.D.Y.H.E.A.T. is co-hosting Daniel Wang tonight at the Elbo Room. As I did when they hosted Model 500, I'm going to give you a Wang track today, from 2007. "Higashiyama No Autumn" is a 101-bpm slow-burning disco track with some heavy bass, an awesome koto hook, and some great harmonies involving the shakuhachi. A nice evocation of fall, and perhaps a presaging of Hercules & Love Affair's re-take on disco, "Higashiyama No Autumn" is a lovely bit of Japanese-inflected dance music. Wang is a true pioneer, and his set tonight is bound to be excellent, so if you're in the Bay Area, come out! I'll be there on crutches, so there's no excuse for you able-bodied partiers.

Daniel Wang- Higashiyama No Autumn

Tomorrow, that new tech-house I promised!

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Leighton said...

That Daniel Wang track is brilliant.