you can dance, you can do it

I know, I know, I've been a bad boy and neglected the blog this week. Too many things going down, and I also have been waiting for some inspiration to strike. The first bit came from some random surfing on YouTube-- trust me when I tell you that this song might be one of the best disco-funk tracks you'll ever hear. Very tempting sampling material, so much so that I've ordered the 12". Without further ado, then: "Thighs High (Grip Your Hips and Move)" by Tom Browne.

The chorus is especially noteworthy, and coupled with the insane bass work, "Thighs High" is just plain sick.

Last night was another great time dancing to DJ Bus Station John at his weekly Thursday-night party at Aunt Charlie's. Along with some tracks that I was spotting pretty hard, he played one of my favorite disco bits ever, Slim Line's "If You Can Dance, You Can Do It." The 120-bpm track begins with a writhing low-frequency arpeggiation loop and hand claps, then the bass and the wildly sexy bass voice comes in. With great spacy synths and the requisite disembodied disco diva chorus, which peaks hi enough in the mix to get a crowd waving the arms and yelping with joy. Excellent!

Slim Line- If You Can Dance, You Can Do It (Part 1)

Next time, a division of housing...

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sasha said...

1...2...3...4...get yo woman on the floor