a new soul

Today, I revisit the group that started this blog-- Villa Savoye. Still no knowledge about who is behind these sounds, from where they came, or any other related information. All I know is that the three tracks I have labeled 'Villa Savoye' came from the iPod of a former Excepter roadie. At 130-bpm, "A New Soul" is a classy Detroit-style track, with lush mid-frequency synths, some hi-frequency semi-acid squelch, and a vibe that goes along the lines of chillin' by the beach. A real mysterious find, if you have any information about Villa Savoye (or whoever might have done this track), please contact me!

Villa Savoye- A New Soul

Tomorrow, some disco gayness.


Robert said...


Aforementioned roadie here. "Villa Savoye" was/is(?) some Canadian dude that hung out on the same synthesizer forums as I did in the late 90's. All those tracks on the ipod were demos he made to showcase his Nord Lead and Jomox XBase 09.

I never had a chance to thank you for returning my backpack to me. Obviously, I owe you more than an anecdote, but if there are any other mysterious jams from that ipod needing clarification, you have my number.

trees said...

huh! good to hear from you-- that iPod was a treasure trove, changed my life. i thanked john fell for it at some point on ILM many moons ago, but now i get to thank you!

i think everything else is clear from that iPod. the Villa Savoye question has bugged me for ages though-- thx for the info.

trees said...

also i love yr boney m avatar there. his face during that video is monumental.

Anonymous said...