get on the good foot

Hey all-- so, for the past week I've been super-busy, and then I had a crash on my motor-scooter. Bad news, right? Have some fractures in my foot and nasty scrapes/cuts on my hands and knees, so my dancing days are over for the next month or so (I do plan on going as Tiny Tim for Halloween, though). On the plus side, I'll be much more able to post stuff here since I'll be less mobile and ready to go out-- so get ready for a month with posts nearly every day. For serious.

A real post later today, but for now, a James Brown hit that's been going through my head since the accident.

James Brown- Get on the Good Foot

Look forward to a Beat Pharmacy remix later today!

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gaston monescu said...

good track, motor-scooter. JB may heal the foot molecules