on the march

First things first-- I saw White Rainbow last night, and he was totally awesome. Love that DIY techno shit!

Tonight, thinking about going to see Tussle, but have been a bit stupefied by the 21+ rule being used by the venue. It's a gallery! Have some common decency and let everyone in on the goodness.

Despite that bit, though, I started thinking about how much I like Tussle, and how I'm going to give you a song by them today. "Elephants" is a 130 bpm track with a heavy tribal, percussive nature that is at once quite gorgeous and quite menacing. When the main, lo-mid 'melodic' line comes along about four minutes in, the track positively shakes with energy. A real gem in the world of live bands, I definitely recommend seeing Tussle play sometime-- it is guaranteed to be a fantastic, sweaty show.

Tussle- Elephants

Tomorrow, new and wild things.

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