dark seas

Sorry about yesterday's absence-- had to do a lot of bureaucratic stuff, and I also purchased a 23-year-old Honda moped, so I was busy riding about and getting a feel for the whole thing.

Despite the fact that it is a beautiful, sunny day here in San Francisco, today I'm giving you a deep, dark techno track from our friend in Brazil, Hugo Tert. "Obesidade" is a 121-bpm piece with monstrously large bass and heavy kicks, lush synths with much reverb and delay, and minor-key harmonies that remind one of something on Systematic. Definitely a late-night burner, I wouldn't be surprised if Tert started getting some major recognition abroad-- he definitely deserves it.

Terttett- Obesidade

Hot old-school jams tomorrow, courtesy of Juan Atkins.

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hgassel said...

owning a honda moped is on my top ten list of reasons i want to live in california! seriously.