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Today, an old-school treat from Abacus, aka Austin Bascom, a truly underappreciated deep house head with ties to such luminaries as Ron Trent, Chez D., and so on. At about 122 bpm, "The Abacus Chat" is a lesson in how to do your synths right-- lush mid-level chords swell while more hi mids do a bit of Chicago squelch, the drum sequencing is excellent, and the deepness of the bass is something for the ears to behold. Finally, with a sample that sounds like Paul Robeson reading Countee Cullen, and a traditional African song coming in ever-so-slightly at the track's end, this is some deep, funky, Afrocentric house that is sure to please. Originally released on Prescription in 1994.

Abacus- The Abacus Chat

Tomorrow, something nasty and awesome frm Jamal Moss.

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MDH said...

cool picture man. it sorta looks like mountains of cocaine--yeah, I went there.