sunday mixer volume three

Again, posts dropped off at the end of last week, and I apologize-- it was kind of a crazy time. The good news is that I got my computer back from Apple, and all seems to be well with my machine. It was getting a bit cumbersome lugging my external hard drive everywhere I went.

Before we get into the post, though, I think it's worth mentioning that the blog has now been around for more than a year! Thanks to all long-time readers and new folks who've made this such a rewarding and fun experience. Let's hope for another year and more!

Today's mix comes to us from Len Faki, who truly ascended the heights last year with his 'Rainbow' pieces, one of which was posted here way back in May of last years. The mix I'm giving you was originally posted on a now-obsolete blog, and is full of surprises; for one thing, the overall sound is more dry than one would expect, and in addition, the range of techno sub-genres he employs is rather staggering, with early 2000s-sounding minimal acid right alongside more lushly dirty Detroit-oriented sounds. Excellent for driving, this mix is sure to please anyone who enjoys a high-octane DJ set.

Len Faki- Kinetic

Tomorrow, something new from Tel Aviv, for real this time.


cris said...

Thank you
and congrats on one year, excellent blog and I found about about so many artist through here. Keep up the good work.

matt said...

Congratulations on one year, and thanks for everything. I look forward to more.