pound for pound

As promised here is a bit of fast and dirty minimal techno from 1998, courtesy of Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivera, two producers who worked together for nearly ten years. "Trackman" was initially their first break-out hit, and the track inspired many remixes, the best of which comes to us from Gaetano Parisio. A true slammer, Parisio's remix of "Trackman" comes in at 139 bpm, and includes dry hi-hats and snares, deep resonant kicks, a squelchy melodic loop that would make any of the originators in Detroit proud, and almost Hardfloor-esque backing synth bits. Highly recommended, and thanks to Tom Arsenault for bringing these guys to my ears.

Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivera- Trackman (Gaetano Parisio Mix)

Tomorrow? You'll see.

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