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A return, finally! Thanks for all of your great feedback-- I look forward to a great '08 with all of you.

As promised, today's post deals with a great remix/dub by the ever-popular Quiet Village Project, who release so many records that the two guys who make up the group must never sleep or be on crazy speed all the time. The two did a great set with Cielo regular Francois K. back in November, and now, they've given Mr. K. the remix treatment. The original of "Road of Life," while quite mesmerizing, is a narcotizingly slow track-- in fact, the original is more akin to a Quiet Village track than the remix itself! Taking a bit out of the bell synth loop of the original and speeding the track up to 120 bpm, the Quiet Village boys create a bass-heavy, well-padded monstrosity of a track, definitely appropriate for peak hours. One interesting aspect of the remix, too, is that the bells mentioned above are eerily similar to those used in the ubiquitous "Magic M" by Lucio Aquilina. Not a complaint, really, but an observation-- the track are so differently excellent. Try playing them simultaneously and you'll hear what I'm talking about. On Wave Music.

Francois K.- Road of Life (Quiet Village Sound Factory Dub)

Next post coming soon with some dub-techno from MLZ. And before I forget, for the month of January, I'll be on the radio from 7-9 pm (EST) at WOBC. Tune in for a treat!

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Charlo said...

Is this track still somewhere to be found?