caviar and champagne

Ah, finally back! After a wild week of working while sick (see Sunday's post), I've recovered my senses and my sinuses enough to post again. So, on to it.

The first track of this post is a yet-to-be-released work from UK-based Breakage, otherwise known as Jamie Boyle. The DJ and producer has been making thoroughly pulsating jungle and breakbeats since 2001, and has quite a rep among that scene's regulars. "Clarendon," taken from Marcus Intalex's astounding FabricLive 35 mix, does not depart from what one would expect from Mr. Boyle: it contains a narcotizing two-note bass loop, ascending horn samples, dub vocal snippets, and delayed backing percussion. Of course, the requisite congas enter into the mix, but only towards the track's apex, when all drops out for a lone, delayed vocal bit. Whether or not jungle is your thing or not, the track is perfect for testing out new sub-woofers or simply sitting back and smoking a fattie. Highly recommended stuff, especially for those looking to chill out and let bass destroy their innards.

Breakage- Clarendon

Our second track comes at us from France's Sebastien Leger, a well-known name in the field of party house and techno. "Champagne Party" is, in many ways, the perfect party track: its beat is well-padded, it has some funky-ass bass and near-disco guitars moving in loops throughout, and finally, it has a great break wherein only one new element is added: a muffled sample of a woman hitting a high note. Its handclaps and samples of a 'champagne party' only make it more of a jubilant affair. Reminiscent of a less stoned Idjut Boys, "Champage Party" will certainly effervesce any party where you might play it.

Sebastien Leger- Champagne Party

Tomorrow's post will be a celebration of the UR DJ Assault Squad coming to New York for two dates this coming weekend. Perhaps I'll see you there?

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