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Though there is something to be said for Dubfire's lush electo sound, I have never been that keen on what I've heard from him. By chance, though, I decided to give the remix of Dubfire below a listen the other day, and it had a certain Harthouse sound that I can get into.

Upon further listening, DJs Maurizio and Danyelino really strip Dubfire's original down to its most slamming and interesting bits. "Roadkill," in other words, is brought into close-up: a jumpy, clean synth-line is made into a killer two-note phrase, sometimes delayed and sometimes oscillated to bits; the percussive cymbal loop of the original is mixed higher and a more conscious element in the remix; and finally, the original's overwrought peaks and somewhat alarming prairies are done away with for more heady valleys and siren-whistled peaks. Quite a transformation, and these two Italian transplants better get ready to start playing out a lot more, though if you happen to be in Miami, you can always go see them spin at Blue on Sundays.

Dubfire- Roadkill (Maurizio & Danyelino Remix)

Next post: a track by recent favorites Dusty Kid along with a track from a bit earlier in '07 by Jacek Sienkiewicz.

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