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Sorry for delay! Explanation involving friends, work, detachment from computer. Onto the post!

Today, we once again visit the wonderful country of Japan. In Osaka, Shigeki Tamura, aka Segeke, has been doing occasional productions and remixes for many years. He has just released a few singles on the Geometric Deck, the choicest of which is "Catfish Steam." The track is banging minimal number of great restraint and elegance, beginning with its watery, quiet beginnings that share some characteristics with Villalobos. The beat comes in quick enough, but soon becomes heavier, sodden with a whooshing, bassy oscillation. While the high-frequency tinklings and secondary percussive bits hover, a second, distorted bass note comes in, eventually building to a slight peak before descending and letting the track move forward. Soft, cooing synths glide up and down throughout the track, which keeps an even keel, sometimes adding snares and additional hi-hats along with synth squeals and sustains. Though the track is not an ecstatic, hand-waving monster, it is among the year's best minimal tracks, if only because it contains serious momentum using bare-bones samples and synths. Highly recommended, and particularly pleasing to the late-night DJ.

Segeke- Catfish Steam (Original Mix)

Next post, another drum'n'bass fix and some summer finery from Hieroglyphic Being.

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