It seems that every few years or so, a new generation of people gets really excited about the life and work of Leigh Bowery. If you don't know who Leigh Bowery was, I will leave your education up to this very comprehensive summation from a few years back at Dennis Cooper's blog (which you should be reading anyway). Another great place to start with Leigh is the Charles Atlas documentary, The Legend of Leigh Bowery, which is available in its entirety for viewing here.

When you're done looking through all of THAT, watch this:

And then when you're done watching THAT, download the remix of Minty's "Useless Man" by The Grid, who are apparently still extant and making new albums. Kind of a product of its time, yes, but there's something about it that I find wildly charming. Perhaps it is that British electro-house sound that led to electroclash that does it...Anyway, enjoy!

Minty- Useless Man (The Grid Extended 12" Mix)

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hughman said...

he was pretty amazing and a little scary. i saw him perform at wigstock in nyc a lifetime ago and man, that bitch was intense! if you haven't (but i have this feeling you have), check out the paintings of him by lucian freud.